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AGM Tuesday 17th January 2023

 Meeting commenced @ 8.25pm

 The committee welcomed members present.

The committee formally puts forward for re-election on deselected and any members who want to be considered for election put forward.

 Committee: Roy Burford (general sec) Jim Gisborn (chairman) and Julia Want (treasurer)

 Minutes from 2002

2022     Balance £1050.50 Pay-out £365.00 Balance £685.50

Season 2022 was considered a success, as no major problems arose.

 New Business

Proposed to play K/O cup home and away up until the final, as this will use up more spare Tuesdays. Semi finals and Final will be played at neutral locations. Motion passed.

Ruling on game claiming, league rules will be sent out to all.

Starting date should be the 14th of February 2023.

 Thank you to all that turned up and here is hoping you have a great season. Roy Jim & Julia

AGM 2022-2023.pdf
Domino Rules 2019.pdf

Room Hire

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